Natural Coconut Bowls and Coconut Spoons (Set of 2 Bowls and 2 Spoons)

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  • HAND MADE - Reclaimed Coconuts and transformed into exquisite bowls you can eat from. Spoons carved from ebony wood are polished with coconut oil, giving them an elegant colour like that of the bowls.
  • 100% NATURAL - Organic and biodegradable products are used for these sets. The coconut shells are maintained in their actual shape, while designing a fun, creative bowl wholly from nature. These little pieces of tropical paradise make a great addition to your kitchen.
  • PERFECT SERVING BOWL FOR YOU - The Coconut Bowl and Coconut Spoon are are perfect for everything from salads, smoothie bowls, acai, buddha bowls to stir-frys, ice cream, and even cereal. They adorn your home decor in a pleasant eco-friendly fashion.
  • UNIQUE - Each coconut bowl is handcrafted with love making it unique in its own shape, size, texture and imperfections. They're one in a billion, just like you. Which means when you buy a coconut bowl, no one in the world will have a bowl just like yours
  • REUSABLE / DURABLE - Every set is polishes with organic virgin coconut oil which help them keep their shape and colour for a long time. Coconut shells are a durable material that do not break or crack even if you drop them. They can also be machine washed. A sustainable and overall healthy solution to the growing problem of plastics!